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Name: Malin Lindberg
Canon: Vampire: The Masquerade
Age: embraced shortly after her 17th birthday; 27 chronologically
Appearance: Depending on canon point:
● Human: She's fairly plain, tends to slouch a bit, usually wears clean but inexpensive and not particularly neat looking clothes, and seems to only remember to brush her hair every other day.
● Mid-Lise's hospitality: Bat ears, yellow snake scales on her cheeks and eyebrows, forked mostly human tongue, heat receptors on her cheeks, tiny bat wings on her back, cat tail, dog fur on torso, upper arms and thighs, fingers and hand slightly longer, white-skinned and with talons on them.
● After escaping: Covered in dark dog-fur except for her face and parts of her head, which are more snake-like and include a snake tongue; bat ears; claws on both hands, rat hands and feet; long fluffy cat tail; bat wings with a wingspan of roughly three feet; spinnerets on her abdomen. She also exhibits various animal behaviours. She'll usually be wearing a big army coat, boots and a scarf over the lower half of her face to cover herself; due to wings/tail the shape underneath looks weird, though.
Based in: Copenhagen or Sweden, depending on pull-point.

Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 12 or 11 depending on canon-point
Affiliation: Starts out as Camarilla, goes Independent for a while, ends up Sabbat
Concept: Going all out with the clan curse on a neonate.

Short history
- grew up in central Sweden
- ran away to Copenhagen shortly before her 14th birthday, lived on the street there
- was embraced at 17, but abandoned by her sire
- at 20, another Gangrel by the name of Lars Nielsen picked her off the street and became her mentor
- when she was 24, Lars was accused of having sired her and was destroyed, while she was given to a Tremere called Lise Mikkelsen as a guinea pig. Lise triggered her into frenzies again and again.
- three years later, she managed to escape, diablerize Lise and flee to the north (somewhere between Gävle and Åre).
- stays there for half a year, but in early spring 2001, with the red star overhead, a group of vampires dealing with that happens by and she ends up joining them.