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Mark: For Death, on the back of her legs: A skull with bat wings. If someone touches it, the skull splits up into five skeletons doing boy band moves. (I might come up with something less cheesy eventually, but until then this is an excellent placeholder.)


Canon: Classic World of Darkness
Name: Malin Lindberg
Age: 25 (looks 17)
Race: Vampire
Canon CR: Here.

Clan: Gangrel
Affiliation: Vaguely Camarilla
Generation: 12
Stats: Physical/Mental/Social in that order. Protean 3, Animalism 3, Fortitude 3, Dominate 1

Short info for the not-canon-familiar
Her world is much like ours, just that unbeknownst to most humans, all kinds of supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, fairies, people with magical powers, etc) exist. Vampires are structured along the two lines of Clan and political belonging. Malin's clan curse is that they gain animal characteristics every time they lose control to their inner beast and she was forced into losing that control again and again in the name of science, which is why she looks the way she does.


- Malin is about 1.70m tall and has short-ish dark brown hair.
-There are bumps under the shirt on her back that upon further inspection will turn out to be spidery fingers with skin between the lowest of the digits. They're bat wings growing in, but for the moment they look more like creepy hands. She can even hold items with them if they're not too heavy.
-Her ears sit on the top of her head and resemble huge bat ears, while yellow snake scales are starting to grow over her face from both sides. At this point they cover most of her cheeks and her eyebrows. On her cheeks, little dark indentations can be seen that hold heat receptors. Her tongue is forked at the tip and slightly longer than a human's, easy enough to keep inside but threatening to dart out whenever she doesn't pay attention.
-Her torso and her upper arms and thighs are covered in thick brown (dog) fur and she has a thick, bushy (cat's) tail that is just not long enough to touch the ground when she stands.
- Her hands and feet have talons of about three centimetres length on them and look oddly discoloured and long - a bit too bony, the skin a bit too white for comfort, the digits slightly too long and oddly proportioned in comparison to the palm.
-She typically wears a t-shirt, a comfortable track suit jacket and grey sweatpants.

-When speaking English, she has an audible accent that is clearly Scandinavian, but a bit hard to place beyond that. When speaking Swedish, she sounds like she is from the Stockholm area, when speaking Danish, she sounds like she is from Copenhagen.


NAME: Malin Lindberg

CANON: Old World of Darkness

CANON POINT: Late 1999

AGE: 25 (looks 17)

STATUS: Single

HOME: Sweden & Copenhagen











NAME: Kira

JOURNAL: [personal profile] narva

PLURK: [ profile] narwa

Discord: Narva#9949


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Malin Lindberg